Citizens in Dispute With the Government

Lawsuits Against the State and Local Governments

Asserting your legal rights under North Carolina law and the North Carolina and United States Constitutions against the government can be difficult. Even a small town has legal resources and manpower to oppose your legal rights. Laws and regulations are often designed to protect cities, towns, counties, and the State of North Carolina against legal action by ordinary individual and corporate citizens, and it can seem an almost impossible task to hold the government or a particular agency accountable.

At The Odom Firm in Charlotte, we have a history of standing up for the rights of North Carolina citizens that stretches back over a combined 78 years. Attorneys at our firm have substantial experience in cases in which individuals find themselves involved in a legal dispute with the government. Contact us today to learn more in an informative initial consultation.

Standing Up for the Rights of Individuals and Businesses

The lawyers at The Odom Firm combine uncommon skill, experience, knowledge and resources to offer sound legal guidance and dedicated representation in several key areas in which the interests of the individual and the government come into conflict, including:

  • The condemnation of private or business property through the government's exercise of eminent domain
  • Disputes over zoning regulations, zoning violations and land use matters
  • Civil personal injury claims in accidents aboard or suffered in a collision with a city bus or other municipal vehicle
  • Appeals of denied Social Security disability claims

We think of ourselves as a different kind of law firm, one that is willing to aggressively assert your legal rights against the government. We welcome the opportunity to stand up for the rights of individuals and businesses in disputes with the state or local government. We will review your particular situation and offer a legal assessment based on decades of combined legal experience.

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