Real Estate, Land Use & Zoning

Real Estate Guidance and the Litigation of Disputes in North Carolina

The acquisition of real estate is a significant investment for any individual or business. In today's volatile real estate market, it is more important than ever to limit the risk of litigation that often arises out of a poorly-drafted contract or a dispute over property rights or land use.

At The Odom Firm, we help individuals and corporations negotiate the purchase and sale of real property throughout North Carolina. We assist in the formation of residential and commercial real estate contracts and in the resolution of disputes regarding boundaries, easements, covenants and restrictions. Our attorneys also handle homeowner's and condominium association disputes.

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Experience That Makes a Difference in Real Estate Litigation

The Odom Firm combines over 78 years of civil litigation experience with a true dedication to helping our clients achieve their goals and protect their interests in the negotiation, mediation and litigation of real estate matters.

When structuring a real estate transaction, it is often important to keep the risk of future litigation in mind. Our experience enables us to help our clients avoid mistakes that could potentially give rise to litigation in the future.

When facing a real estate dispute, your interests will be served by consulting an attorney with substantial litigation experience in these matters. Your investments are critical to the security and prosperity of your family and business. Our experienced lawyers can provide you with the comprehensive legal services and individual attention to protect your rights and advance your short-term and long-term goals.

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